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How It Works: "Simple As 1-2-3..."

Set up an account with Jail Call Services and receive your phone number for the appropriate correctional facility. (Usually in 24 hours or less)

By doing this, we enable you to AVOID the costly LONG-DISTANCE FEES which drive up your cost on your inmate calls.
Give the JCS number to your inmate and to the jail facility's phone provider. 
We will assist you with this.

              (Except Federal- This is NOT necessary for Federal prisons.)

Your inmate can now call you on the JCS Local Number we provide for you. 
  • You do not need to change your existing number and your inmate does not have to do anything except add the number to their approved call list.         
  • When your inmate calls your JCS Local Number, your phone will ring as normal and you will save up to 80%. 
Because it will be a local number, you will avoid the "long distance" fees and your cost for the calls will be substantially less.... 50%-80% less on average.

Why pay long-distance fees? 

We guarantee your 100% satisfaction.


Remember, use of our JCS Local number is UNLIMITED to reduce the costs of your inmate calls and we do not charge "by the minute".  Your facility and/or the jail's call provider may still limit the time your inmate is allowed to talk but we will not.  We have no control over their policies which may vary by facility. 


    Will JCS Save You Money??

  If you are currently paying $5-$25 per inmate call to the facility's pre-paid phone provider  because they are billed as "long distance" with "per minute" charges...

  If you have had a loved one recently incarcerated in or transferred to a County, State or Federal facility that is "long-distance" or greater than 15 miles from you, and are wanting to receive calls from your inmate...


Jail Call Services is a registered FCC Inmate Call Provider. (FCC Reg Number: 0023329063)
Jail Call Services, LLC is a registered FCC company (FRN 0023329063).
Jail Call Services, LLC is a registered FCC company (FRN 0023329063).
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